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Be proficient listener

Be proficient listener ...D . Tariq Habib

Not limited to the versatility of the modern style of speech and the quality of its content .. but that good listening is an art of arts dialogue , how many people spoke and they do not want to have dialogue that , but who want to listen to them in order to Abouhoa including chests . !

And versatility to be listening : ear , eye and tip , and the presence of the heart, shining face, and not bother to prepare a response, motivated Mtothba waiting fully modern companion ..!

Remember, you will not be able to understand the reality of what your interlocutor Murad were not willing to seriously listen to his speech .. The speaker does not know your speech keeps the listening .. The Biography Root wrote that a young man he spoke in the House of Ata ibn Abi Rabah ; Vonst him if he hears Speaking for the first time , and when he finished and left the young attendees of the tender exclamation point , he said: God, I know what he said before he was born ..!

Pics of me if Khasamth *** and was ignorant of the dream response answerAnd you see his ears listening to talk *** and his heart and perhaps more knowledgeable it .. !

And listening well informed what is the impact in the first interview , and in meetings trans ; impact Tayeb such meetings in the soul ; Because the dialogue where the years did not require the intervention more often, and where formed an impression of each individual on the other .. and how much praised people of good dialogue flan with it prolongs silence ..!

Some sages said : " Your silence until Tstntq , even the most beautiful of Ntqk silent " ..!

Says, " Dale Carnegie " : "The more people drier in print, and ruggedness to say , but that does not have softened, and that affected the patient listener , compassionate , if you take refuge in silence interlocutor anger " ..!

Said one of the Elders of the Arabs : " If Jalst scientists Vonst them .. If Jalst fools Vonst them too ; Ansatk in the increase of the scientists in science , and in Ansatk ignorant of the increase in the Dream" ..!

And the transfer of Ibn Abd Rabbo in " unique contract " for some of the wise saying to his son: " My son, you know .. good to hear as well learn to talk , and to teach people that you are eager to hear you say that ."

Some people make mistakes and exaggerating the degree of listening to speech , citing the wisdom of rolling stock " If speech is silver but silence is gold ! "
Vlhala say : not to speak of what we know of this statement ..!
So what more accurate understanding of bigeye when he said: " Silence is not the whole is better than the whole speech , not all speech is better than silence the whole , but has taught us that the general public is better than silence speak" ..!

And is not ashamed of talking is commendable , it may be Saket who lack the skill to talk or do Alhnevsah Kalrhab social , or personality disorder makes it avoids talking with others .( ( ** Incident in his name ** ) )D . Tariq Habib

Be sure to know the name of Majalsk and let him by , but not so in the first dialogue , like you say : " May I have the honor to know your name Karim ? " Then addressed him by the appreciation coupled with the wording favored , and it differs from one society to another , some of them have a summit appreciation that calls him the greatest of his sons , and some of them prefer to call him Badrjtah scientific : a professor , or an engineer or a doctor ..
But his name was not an essential part of the dialogue according to your word conclusion : "It was a happy occasion that we got you , my brother so and so .. " It Kaltaba at the end of the message has to be him , then said to his name Fabdoh Aqath seconds .
Do not exaggerate in chanting his name between each two characters ; Amjh making it taste and Tbgdah self .. and remember that older Ibajh Altsagr in front of him and get close to him , so it was Ibrahim Azar roll call of paternity plus : " Daddy ."
And fitness that you know the attendees , and know the audience in his name , making him feel that one of them is not strange for them .. It also may make it easier so you have to be determined by the fact that you want a statement , and that the inclusion of his name implies according to your word : " I believe I brother so and so in agreement on this matter " how much rejoiced grubby mention name of a senior , and Onsth cheerful theme of dialogue and accept what was rejected by when .
Omar Bin Al Khattab may Allah be pleased with him : - " three to prove you love your brother in the heart : that the expansion of his Council , and calls his name , and start it in peace ."

( ( ** Hassan statement ** ) )D . Tariq Habib

Eloquence and the statement are doing magic act in the listener .. eloquence of strangers is not the complexity , and the statement is not Tefiehg drawl .
Bigeye said : statement interpreter hearts and shaping minds.
The sweetest words of dialogue comes as much needed in a time of need , have been narrated from Umar - may Allah be pleased with him - he said that I regret nothing of this world , there is no regret , but said the three of them and sitting with people weeded their words as selected fruit delicacy .
It is cruel idea to simplify the statement and compare it to other ..Asked the poet Ahmed Shawki : Why do you write poems with fairy tales ?He said: Because of Proverbs alone without tale is dry quickly forgotten , as they do not raise concern .The story they evoke a child's attention to the follow-up accidents until the end, and thus to understand the cues that are objective moral poem and convinced them.
It corrupts the statement Agamh each using words or non-Arab Rtanthm lists the technical terms that are known through his specialty - a doctor or an engineer - or read it from the proceeds of the public , or perhaps in front of the boast by the ignorant , and probably did not know it was out ! ! .
How beautiful simplicity of the phrase, is to prolong not repeat , so as not to upset some talk of some , how much is lost right bad words , and appeared void in good grace , as it should be on the speaker not to accelerate the presentation of his ideas incapacitate for prosecution does not slow down Viml him and leaves , and be clear phrase does not find it difficult to follow his words .

And forget the other during his speech .. when it moves from one idea to another, or are busy thinking about third , it does not cut off from the modern but still brings some characters or words such as " Fa Fa .. .. Â Â mean .. I mean .. " What was it However, for fear of the province or that it is difficult to talk fast to control his words because of the preoccupation of his mind arrived in dialogue.
It is the statement that knows when to speak and when to listen , and when the answer signal , and the most beautiful as well as evidences that embroiders his poetry and prose , without exaggeration in it.Abu ALATAHYAH said : "If you want to be a newborn for the entire poem Mozhuna was ."
It is also a statement that the individual is an objective , people pull them facts and harass generalities , and flows into the respect of his numbers and dates and events . ( ( ** Dispute the nature of mankind ** ) )Something inevitable, and it is a difference of opinion , and perhaps of the reasons for pursuing the succession of the apostles and books { the people of one nation Then Allah sent prophets and missionaries warners and sent down with them the Book in truth to judge between people disagreed with it } [1] .And have a difference in matters of religion and the world , large and small , and perhaps the reason for this discrepancy complexions , people are different in their minds and make them understand , and in their interests and desires , and in the raising of their culture . I disagree Abu Bakr and Umar - so many times in the presence of the Prophet peace be upon him , what violence is one of them.How many times have differed some companions , God bless them with the Prophet peace be upon him the same as it was Omar may Allah be pleased with him in the prisoners of Badr , as well as Hubab bin Mundhir may Allah be pleased with him in the choice of site camp Muslims in the Battle of Badr , it was his approach may Allah bless consult him and his companions , perhaps heard a different opinion Fasthassanh .If realized before his interview that the axes of difference and the exchange of views on human nature ; accept interlocutor on the same reassuring , and the spirit of quiet , be the cause of convergence of views and fatality spirit of the band and the difference , though not forgotten forget the words of the poet :The difference of opinion does not spoil the intimacyThe debate dialogue minds , emotions and affection dialogue , Fajlav simple in views does not go with affection and love , comes hostility and antagonism .Yunus said psoriatic God's mercy - : What I saw of the Shafi'i wiser .. Nazerth in a matter of days , and then we parted , and met me , took my hand , and then said: O Abu Musa , not correct to be brothers but did not agree on the issue !( ( *: * Improved display * : * ) )
Bishr ibn pilgrim says : who wants a decent sense Vleilthomps rude to him generous , the right word meaning Sharif Sharif.
Aristotle said : not enough to know what one should be said, but must say as it should.

As long rejected the ideas and theses received because the owner did not improve the display in the form of good .. where you find some of the constants have to veto the opposite end suddenly and without providing a gradual start in his dialogue , not write his acceptance.

Therefore , we find that the Quranic dialogue with unbelievers in various Wall displays the Koran verses from cosmic miracles and the greatness of the Creator even sanctioned in them, then in the end the fact Apasharham advocacy and stern warning if they are turned away .

" Stay away and declarative in Hawwark - if possible - and replaced commands proposals owns the reins of your companion without harm to him or evoke stubbornness , but tried that idea makes him feel that his idea ."

Hakim said China "to Ottey " : " The reasonable man is that if he wants to overrule the people put himself Osfielhm , and if he wants to Atsdarham make himself behind them .. Do not you see the seas and rivers, how to receive the tribute of hundreds of canals and streams which topped ."

It is estimated the ideas of your companion , and showed Atvk to his wishes, and Mark dialogue among interested accept eager to find which proposed it.
The poet novice to the great poet in order to offer him an article written by and including a bit of his hair , and recites the poet article and found verses broken ailing devoid of any sense of my hair , and said to him : I am your grandmother fluent prose than poetry, Could have made them a piece prose purely Vojb novice this The work by the proposal .

It is a good display of modern style sometimes raises the question of when the other party Vidfk Bosilth to fly in the field that you want.

And axis , which is not a good start dialogue in an official language because if it did , it would be a formal dialogue , but if the dialogue started and worm -free language of urgency and anxiety , the affection and respect will be the fate of that dialogue.
And honestly said : You are from his speech and the obligatory love .

Some of them described an eloquent man , he said:
Allowed his easy , though between him and the hearts ratios , and between him and the cause of life , as if a masterpiece is coming, and the medication the patient, and the mode of necklace .
( ( ** Right ** request ) )The sincere Muslim seeks the truth and flees Trick , his main concern on the realization of the right hand or both hands on the interviewer wanted to find wisdom .
Have criticized the woman Omar ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him - in a matter of determining the Colts and is in his sermon on the fill of the people , he said, struck the woman and wrong Omar keeping the history splendor of that event to life _ may Allah be pleased with him - and I forgot , but did not even mention historians the name of the woman who was able to aim the decision Caliph ! !

Imam Shafi'i said :
"What , however, never spoke to anyone and did not Ibal between God right on the tongue or the tongue ."

Said Abu Hamid al-Ghazali :
"To be in the right Knashid misguided request does not differentiate between that show stray on his hand or at the hands of assisted , and does not see his companion, a certain opponent , and thank him if you knew him and showed him the wrong right ."

It asked the right place to put yourself and your interlocutor looking at the possible causes of impartiality on the right .

Nor reject the right that came to us from a non-Muslim , even if he was in command of our religion , let alone that we received from our brothers in the things our world , narrated dead girl summer Alaghinah said, came inkjet inks Jews Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him , said : 'O Muhammad , yes folk you , but for that you attribute partners unto Him The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : " Hallelujah what is that ? ! " he said: If you say Hfattm and the Kaaba. She said: Vomhl Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him something and then said: "It may be said , it is NATO Fleihlv prep Kaaba ," he said: O Muhammad Yes people you are not for you you make God Nada , said peace be upon him : " Hallelujah , What is that ? ! said what you say , God willing, and the like. said Vomhl Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless something and then said: "It may be said , it is said, what God wills Vljevsal then you want them ."

It is plagued by some people love to talk and need without the need , and the lust to control the boards, and show the ingenuity and culture , and grab the admiration and praise of others waiting , and this no doubt which frustrates their work and rarely do they find acceptance among people .Said the poet Ahmed Shawki :

If you see the passion in a nation ruled ** judge between mind that there may be gold

Therefore encouraged to refer to God preachers themselves from time to time , for they honor God by which depend on the origin of dialogue. The high-end so Abdullah bin Masood - may Allah be pleased with him - saying: "which no other god what on earth desperately needs something to the length of prison tongue ."

It also must be remembered that self- Hui does not come naked, but decorated verbally intention exclusive : " Truth be told I say" .. " a victory for the nation " .. then Lindas whim after that in terms of know or do not know .

Therefore axes should be standing with himself before every dialogue and stops away :
• Does my intention pure God in this dialogue .
The thought most likely to be pure intention , the second stop and steadfast :
• Is there any point in this dialogue ? Or perhaps causes strife , or a cause of intellectual luxury not a necessity, or to leave it better than the desired result at best .

It tips the Prophet Muhammad, Abu Dhar al-Ghafari :
"You have a length of silence , it steadily to the devil , and you Aoun ordered Dink "

But I wonder if the intention concluded in a meaningful dialogue , then there has been opposed by the devil , is reluctant to continue the dialogue , or where ?
There is no doubt that this is the entrance of the devil , but he has to continue , and the call of God to save him his purpose.
@ Not Sufis are blindly loyal ..!

Right is the goal of the believer , even if it is desired to himself , it is a particular reason and freedom from dependency fancy .
And that man is a bigot who covered whim on his mind , he does not see he changed his mind , and even surprised sometimes , and sometimes Stultifies views of others. As you see a lot of County interlocutor , and rarely admitted error , but frequently responses and seeks to protect himself and his own jurisdiction , and defends its prior opinion on the subject believes the focus of the dialogue without thinking and consider what he hears from the ideas and opinions of others . As you see in the cut and for sure everything speaks of it, and rarely said : sometimes , or in some cases , but replaces it by saying : always .
The poet said :
Let the debate is not full of it , it never ** reason , regardless of what the very

The Fanatic is going with his idea where Dart, may be forced to think about ways paradoxical dialogue in support of the idea sterile . In this sense sick Alhzabiyat originated in the Islamic Action colorful curriculum ; , which had a deep impact on the disorder rows and delayed unit.

Sheikh said , " Abdulrahman al-Saadi " God's mercy in the interpretation of the verse: { who Aktallowa if people meet * If Klwahm or lose Znohm } ( Mutaffifin : 2 3 ) : " verse indicates that the man also takes people who have , you must give them all of their money and transactions , but also enters the pan this : arguments and articles , it is also the panellists had been the practice that each and every one of them is keen on what his arguments , he must also show what a challenge from the argument that no one knows , and to consider the evidence as seen in his opponent's evidence is . at this place known as equity rights of fanaticism . "

In contrast, it is not a welcome submission , the person he spoke in a matter you do not shut up link away from the Muslim fanaticism but Interviewed including presentation of facts , admitting including criticized from the mistakes , and then move it quietly to him hidden in that subject .. This beating An example of the dialogue makes objectivity , honesty and respect for others and the focus of their appreciation .

It is uglier intolerance that they have axes to drop its owner , and keep track of lapses , and circumvented ; desire in contempt , it was that people would Vlihno Bbgd him! !

The Prophet, peace be upon him : "I am the leader of the house in a crouch paradise for those who leave the mirrors and that was right ," nor is the stability on the right and the obligation of right customary colors of intolerance , there are things that you should adhere to it if necessary occurrence of what appears to be abuse of the party the other ,
It was narrated from Jabir bin Abdullah , may Allah be pleased with the Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him with a copy of the Torah and said: O Messenger of Allah, this is a copy of the Torah . And he was speechless and started to read and change the face of the Messenger of Allah . Abu Bakr said : Zqltk Althoakl , what you see is generally the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him ? ! Omar looked at the face of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , said : I seek refuge with Allah from the wrath of God and the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : we like Lord God and Islam as a religion and the prophet Muhammad . The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : " The soul of Muhammad , who appeared in his hand if you forsaken me, and Moses Vatbatamoh to deceived about either way , even if he's alive, and realized Npota to follow me"

It is what we find intolerance when some older when their dialogue with young people; fanatics to understand their views and do not accept the vision of young people ; they say they lack the maturity to make without the slightest effort in the evaluation of the idea.

It is also the insistence of intolerance to earn some dialogue hundred percent ; raising intolerance at the other end

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