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Commandments before the legitimate vision

Commandments before the legitimate visionBefore talking about the vision of legitimacy, there are three important messages to be routed ..First, a message to the woman's guardian ..Must be sure of the sincerity of the desire of the suitor of the girl .. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , "Do not you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock imam who the people shepherd is responsible for his flock , and the man is the shepherd of his household and is responsible for his flock .. " [Agreed it ] .. they must sit down with him first , and gathering information about it before it enters the house and see it, because you will be asked about this before the Lord of the Worlds ...At the same time, do not obstructed it .. we are in a time when we need to make things easier .. The Prophet peace be upon him , " If someone from happy with his religion and his creation Vonkhoh " [Narrated by Tirmidhi and good horses] .. He also said , " facilitated nor Tbeefoa " agreed] ..Second: The message you my sister in God ..Do not compromise on the vision of a person and let him enter the house , but must be in the constants have the qualities that you would like them to be your partner , the were not present in it because there is no need to enter the house from the beginning.Never to be a cliche .. you are very expensive and your commitment to your religion and Bmenzltk when your Lord , Do not let the pressure that you are willing to give a reason for the constants that marry for it from the ground up .. and I know that if you Tnaazelta This waiver backfire
.Not receptive to Arusselk Ahadzq or as long as you have not yet progressed , the talk will be in the center of your family and in your family's house if you wanted to actually correlation .. because if you do , and the pressure and Aafqata Tnaazelta and Tkmutai Raslth with him and , in the end Vstgdi criticize your disposal .You and I understand that the nature of men , usually a lot of men infected Baftin :1) the scourge of old age .. The man always wants to feel Bergolth and has Azza , Vtnqlb this pride sometimes to large .. it is not easily satisfied that advises him to his wife and saw the looting of manhood and Qguamth , it must feel the wife of her husband as a man and his stewardship , as the The pair also feels that his wife as a woman and they need to kindness and compassion .2) schizophrenia ( Cezovrnia ) .. he wants his beautiful and spoiled , and at the same time wants timid , sharp and tough and do not give up , etc. ..They must know that every woman serves as an article , though you Vhmte these meanings will know how well you are working with men.Do not be unrealistic to ask the groom desired .. if it comes from you accept his religion and his creation Vaqubla it, there is no need for the specification fantasy dream girls as if the Shaykh al-Islam and knight knights , but must be a specification that Ttlpinha realistic to the fullest .Third: The message you my brother in God ..Needs to be a realistic goal without shadows .. It must be clear and constants and the issues that you have to accept the waiver also clear .. It is possible , for example, in the waiver :The proportion of beauty , is not necessary to be a very pretty important to have your belly button if you look at it .. the center of social and academic qualification , if the differences between you simple there is no problem ..The most important thing that Trac instance you do not like for her and convinced of your .. So life goes on .You have to maintain the feelings of women , which would make them .. there is no progress on the matter only after they have a genuine desire .. If they do happen to accept from the first time there is no need to repeat the vision and you have to withdraw gracefully without injury to her feelings , because these positions destroyed in the psyche the girl may be a cause of relapse at least set back the moral .. you shall be a cause of outrage to spend God .Do not compare them with those who you see before committing to not consider her into people .. and see her into the human believer who wants to chastity , it was said to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him any women is best said , " that happy when he looked and obey him if something does not go against his wishes in the same tune that he dislikes " [ Narrated by women and horses] .. What matters is not only the beauty of the appearance , but the beauty of the detective and satisfaction to religion and manners , too.I know that when these eyes betrayed the Lord rotted hearts , should not we measure things only physical standards .

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