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How do I deal with my husband gets angry quickly ?

In the name of God the MercifulPraise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions====================================How do I deal with my husband gets angry quickly ?----------------------------------------------How do I deal with my husband nervous system and severe mood that complain about everything. I do not feel happy with him he does not treat me tenderly , I do not hear good words from him . I say it ruined his life and do not take responsibility for good at home I work with in my power but wants perfection.Help him in expense ; Fraetbi controlled by how willing all of this and do not hear a word from him praise nor looks impressive does not love words . Become even thinking of divorce? !

The answer :My sister precious liquid , in case you're puzzled and question , how you are working with your husband , who she described as yourself nervous and uptight , and complain of everything ..Before you ask your method for dealing with these qualities that your husband Tlanha , why not ask your reasons for anger and unity of temperament ? Why did not you ask your about things that Tsaadh ? Why did not you ask your yourself for things that hates Vick and rejected in temperament ? Why did not you ask your happy why and what hate ? Why accuse you spoiled him his life ? And that you are delinquent in the responsibilities of managing the affairs of your house ? Why not make you feel clemency commends your actions do not make you feel his love for you ?Can not act in a pair with his wife severely and severity of rejection and without the presence of reasons for this, because it is not freely chosen and provided by the other women , but because he had admired and loved , was associated with a mind and a heart , and your spouse has chosen you you did not choose someone else , but that he had a printing own and which failed to Taataudi them , or try to understand the causes , and here do not accuse you of negligence or ill-treatment , as far as draw your attention to Tbgesa inside you and inside your spouse all the beautiful things that Tqrbakma of Bedkma , to Tkchwa together good qualities in both of you , Fathbanha and created Ngadan party what other negative traits .That draw your interest and you should know what is most important to your married life and its continuation , Vtakchi First of negative thinking in divorce , and the constant grumbling of your husband's temperament and behavior , and Focus on maintaining your home , your family and your husband .I advise you to elevate Pfkirk and own words and Bahsask to a deeper level and greatest in Hawwark and Nqashk , do not get angry for anger , no louder than your voice to high voice , but being always the bright side , which corresponds to sunset and challenge him , and Quaoma cruelty and severity unit temperament Corps intelligence man loves the wife wise and smart , which is estimated to understand each what comes out of it, and justify it , even what he has justified its offer , Vtsamt for his silence , and listen to his words , and smooth out the revolution and passionate , Anda always willing to tender ..Accordingly, I am currently seeking to Taatqrbe understanding of your spouse printing , absorption problems , to justify his actions , and his actions lords , there Terbti between what comes between him and his love for you , and respect to yourself , ..Try to sit with him for long periods even when you are silent , you return to the existence and being with him at all moments , to Taataudi on his life and his style and different printing .Your husband needs you to Tansta him consciously and intelligently and fully aware of his surroundings and his world and its history , which began before you are, and he made his roots before seeing you with his life ..And Use with your abilities and your potential as a female beautiful in spirit and in her feelings , and actions , Vtngeha in possession of his heart , Baredaúh and obey him in non- sin , and Basaadeh harmony with his choices and meet the desires natural as far as your power and energy , then Stagdi husband changed in his actions and roses actions.My advice to you can choose with your spouse shortest path to his heart and mind , that you keep always a good look inherent good whimsically , but not the weapon to moisten his heart and soften temperament , calm the anger , and make sure that your spouse whatever be his cruelty and severity , Vmxth you will change and improve for the better , if they are taken good manners approach to deal with him , and based primarily on mutual respect . Because the lamp that radiates indoor marital Vimloha Bonoarh and Ziah . Because the husband was happy to feel the love of his wife through his existence and respect for his person and his speech , and through pride in Bmenzlth and selected him, and this inevitably Sidaoh to show your respect and admiration for you and praise you .You feel that your husband does not care about you and do not cast you words of love and affection , and does not appear impressed by your not what you're doing , and here you have to look at me to mirror yourself first, and then another mirror in front of you reflect your image , pupillary your skin and your appearance , and meditative yourself well and Asalleha : Are you still as My husband introduced me days of courtship and the first days of marriage , and whether I still behave with him as I was before?Vnasiana you to Tgnda yourself for you Your first on the amount of responsibility on your shoulders , and to improve management of the affairs of your house the way that imposes respect and appreciation for your spouse and Tkdminh Tndzenh and Tbdein it ...Your kingdom small and you blokes alone inside , Kony governor determined , committed and wise and I'm not just a queen crowned Osultana on the throne , but you Sultana strength and sincerity of your word and your commitment to your duties , and strong personality, Batqank your job , and Bmutirk permanent to keep your style as they guide your beauty , and the title Bhaik , do not forget that our religion urged on it, and is in good Tbaalk for your husband , and of the qualities of a good wife to be one of the best pleasures of this world , and as described by the Prophet peace be upon him said: ( I not tell you okay what Wickens one ? : righteous woman , if you looked at her belly button , and if missed by the saved , and if he tells obey )The theme of control your spouse to your salary , these tax Tdfienha for your work and not your decision in your home and Tafrgk to your spouse , tax paid by each wife works outside the home , because her husband was chosen by an employee from the start did not choose to be a housewife in order to help him financially and acted spent on this house , and be a partner with him in everything.Vhaola that Taatqubla this fact if you are determined to continue to work , or be receptive to abandon the job, in order to take care of your home and handing the reins of the financial management of your spouse only, the this was it difficult for you , Awan Zerovkma material is weak does not allow to give up the salary and job, then it is not okay if Tsaeidin your spouse with your choice and satisfaction not in spite of you , and you feel that money is the owner and the owner is his money is no difference between you what Dmtma Taataamlan Promotion of Virtue and the satisfaction of God , and that what binds you together is the bond of love and compassion , not greed and love of the world, and that this money but Tnfkana post for Sagma and Raankma and in favor of stability Petkma , not the utmost greed and exploitation material of any party of you , do not be a husband forcing you and you need that Tthmla instead of him the responsibilities of maintenance on the house and manage its financial affairs , because stewardship men, however, are not women, it Foajpat alimony to the husband not the wife , Vhaola that Tsdda the convergent and Taatnazle Virtue , without Tzlma Thima yourself or your right , or your rights in Tafrti legitimate .. because the generosity of God as a mirror , including Muslim and put Vick of the characteristics of Muslim women who do not aspire to equal with men Nada peer ..Overall, I advise you to strive for success in your home and with your spouse Fathsne manage your life financially and morally just and fair , and know how to have your spouse in most circumstances , at all times , not seeing you in front of him the appearance of weakness and failure and discontent and misery , because the husband likes to be his bond to his back and the rest for himself , and secure him in his secret and Alnh .I ask God Almighty to Asaadkma together and help you to manage your home to obey God and satisfaction , and bring you together with affection and compassion , and compose between your hearts .

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